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RocTool recently joined the Materiautech® network and has already set up trials. Materiautech® and its partners have contributed to the selection of innovative materials, such as: AD Majoris, Clariant, Woodforce, Plastifibre and RTP Company.

As the leader of Heat and Cool technologies, RocTool launched a new approach for its brands and their suppliers to reach unprecedented, advanced levels of quality for injected plastic parts known as High Definition Plastics™.

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RocTool has implemented a materials database, which is constantly growing. “We are currently selecting many resins from different resin providers and testing key factors such as overall surface quality, level of replication of the tool surface, weld line strength, flow length, etc.  When qualifying the results between parts produced by conventional injection molding methods versus RocTool molding technologies, we can easily see the overall “high definition” quality achieved in terms of visual aspect and performance”, Mathieu Boulanger, RocTool CEO explains.  


The following materials have contributed to the key resins selections for the High Definition Plastics™ materials database.  This campaign has enabled us to show RocTool technology and its induction heating on a wide range of materials, (Eco-resins, High Performance, and 3C):

  • Surface Quality Improvement 
  • Elimination of defects : weld lines (aesthetic and mechanic benefits) blush
  • Improved surface replication of textured areas 

It has been clearly demonstrated that the combination of AD Majoris (PP with mineral fillers) and our technology offers a significant improvement in the surface quality with over 45% gloss compared to CIM.

58 GU

84 GU


AD Majoris - PP: FT 342 Noir 8689/205-09

GU: Gloss Unit


More and more eco-friendly materials are being sought for various applications, such as Automotive, Consumer products, 3C etc. This is why we studied PP materials with wood fibers from suppliers such as Woodforce and Plastifibre (PP+40%WF).  As part of the campaign, we met the challenge to cover the fibers on the surface which therefore shows a greater brightness of up to 65% which is a massive improvement.

43 GU

70 GU


Woodforce - PP : 30 WF

GU: Gloss Unit


We are also interested in the expanding agents available from Clariant (Hydrocerol®). Our study has highlighted the contribution of RocTool technology in the distribution of bubbles with a grain weight of up to 13% compared to CIM. The elimination of defaults (visible bubbles on the surface, weld line, blush, etc…) is an advantageous point for visible parts.

30 GU

82 GU


Clariant : Hydrocerol ITP 848

GU: Gloss Unit


Therefore, with RTP Company, we have studied high performance materials such as PEEK with Aramid and PPA with carbon fibres.  The most interesting aspect of RocTool technology using technical materials is the optimization of the injection cycle time compared to alternative technologies.  We are able to reach temperatures higher than 300°C in seconds which makes the thin wall easy to fill.


RTP Company - PEEK : RTP 2299 X 119961 A

GU: Gloss Unit


To find the Gem® made with RocTool, click on the references below:
 I/630 - I/636 - I/637 - I/640 


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